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    As proud Isuzu owners we initially started a website forum in order to facilitate interaction between fellow Isuzu owners and potential owners. This has now grown in leaps and bounds and we have identified a definite need for a 4x4 club. Signing up on the website does not automatically make you part of the Isuzu offroad club, it does how ever give you access to all the online facilities, and also gives you access to the Forum, and Gallery to meet and mingle.
    To join the Isuzu Offroad Club read on, or download the Membership application form ( Membership Application Form.pdf Membership Application Form.doc ), fill it in and mail it to Mary-ann@isuzuoffroad.co.za

    The Club

    The club operates across the whole country, even neighouring countries Initially basic training etc would be aranged per outing, in an "on the job training" style. More formal training will also be done, this would be announced in the year calenders.
    All correspondence with the club will be electronic. The club also provides a forum on the website for people to interact and share knowledge. The club subscribes fully to the Code of Conduct set out by the Association of All Wheel Drive Clubs of Southern Africa

    Club Characteristics

    • Family orientated club, where every member of the club member's family is treated with respect and dignity. This is not a 'manne' club, or a cowboy club, and everyone is welcome to participate. The club arranging all kinds of family days and get togethers reflects this.
    • Care for the vehicles. We are not a 'challenge' club, neither are we out to break or damage our vehicles (although incidents can happen) and do not advocate irresponsible driving techniques. The club has a range of guides who have suitable experience, who either assist or lead trails, so as to ensure safety and enjoyment. All members sign the necessary indemnity from the club before every event.
    • Fun. We have the vehicles, we have the country - lets enjoy it. We must have fun, as life is too short to miss the wonderful opportunities our country offers us.
    • Advocating of good outdoor principles and behavior and responsible driving at all times. Take only pictures and leave only responsible tyre prints.

    Membership & Fees

    Membership fees is R100 Joining fee and R350 per year. Renewal fees will be payable at the end of January each year. Failure to pay membership renewal within 30 days of reminder of notice will result in membership lapse. Payment of membership fees will be accepted through electronic transfer. Payment details will be supplied upon request.

    Why Join

    As a club we want to give our members the opportunity to do the following:

    A. Share knowledge and experience.

    How do I start enjoying the outdoors? What must I look out for? What is the best way of doing certain things? What can my vehicle do and what not? These are the typical questions asked by the newcomers of the sport/hobby ultimately, lifestyle. There is nothing more daunting than trying to get involved in this but you have nobody giving you some pointers. As a club we want to establish a platform where one can obtain/ tap in to a world of knowledge with out having to reinvent the wheel. A place where all can share and learn from each other. After all there is no substitute for experience.

    B. Enjoy Family Fun

    As a club we are geared towards the family and not to the "macho singles club" setup. We will organise all types of activities where the whole family can be involved. These activities can include, Club braai days, Fishing fun days, movie days Fun days for the children where we would do an event to a zoo or to Gold Reef City etc.

    C. Community Involvement

    The Club will (as part of organised events and/or additional events) be involved in community service and nature conservation. We will always be available to increase conservation awareness, help out with community projects, Recycling initiatives. Be involved in and help with environmental studies.

    D. Organised Events

    Events will be scheduled and published on the website forum under Club Events and Outings Schedule. Members are more than welcome to suggest outings/events and publish them on the forum under "The Camp Fire" if there is enough interest one of the trail leaders will attend and guide club members. The Trail leader will also enforce the club rules on the outing. Long haul trips will also be arranged, and communicated to the club members.

    E. Driver Training

    The club will provide basic training for new members, to equip them with the most basic skills to handle their vehicles on club events and trips. More formal Training will also be provided at very good rates to club members.

    F. Eco Training

    The club will strive to keep its members informed and up to date with environmental issues and knowledge. Training and Info sessions will be held to equip our members with knowledge of our Eco system. Informed people are equipped.

    G. First Aid Training

    Every body needs to be equipped with a basic first aid course, geared towards the outdoors environment. The club will strive to provide First aid courses at minimal fees to its members. The course provided will be an Ashi course, which is internationally recognized, and the qualification is valid for 3 years.

    H. Vehicle Dynamics

    Training on specific Isuzu vehicle dynamics will also be provided, Knowledge is power, one of the very, very important things about offroading, is know your vehicle. As a club we will strive to gather and share knowledge through training and experience.

    Joining the Isuzu Offroad Club

    To join the club, please download the Membership application form ( Membership Application Form.pdf Membership Application Form.doc ). Complete the membership form and send it to Mary-ann@isuzuoffroad.co.za. Upon joining the club you will receive a Membership Card, two club stickers and the Level 1 4x4 Driver Training Manual distributed by the AAWDC
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