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Thread: Blanking off of EGR Valve

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    Blanking off of EGR Valve

    I have heard that some guys blank off the EGR valve.
    What is the benefit?
    Better low down torque,
    Better performance,
    Better Fuel Consumption, etc.
    What is the negatives?
    Poorer performance,
    More pollution,
    Worse Fuel Consumption,
    Battle to start on a cold morning, etc.
    Where is the best place to blank it off?
    Between the interconnecting pipe and the exhaust manifold,
    At the valve actuator, or
    At the intake manifold.
    All three (3) these positions have the same size and the blanking off plate can be inserted at any position.
    Will it be necessary to replace the thin steel gaskets at these positions after loosening the nuts and bolts?
    Will there be leaks if the steel gaskets are not replaced?

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    Blignaut. There are two thoughts of school about this issue. Look back in the posts and you will find a few. To blank it off is as easy as blocking off the vacuum hoses that actuate the valve/ valves and do nothing more, if necessary they can be unblocked and re connected again. There is no down side to it. There will be an improvement in performance and fuel consumption and etc, etc etc, The other school says it was designed as such, leave it be. They think that adding a hot inert gas to the inlet air in stead of clean air cooled by a intercooler wil bring the EGT down. Introducing carbons into the combustion mixture which if burnt, turns to glass is okay for the engine rings and pistons etc, etc, etc. If you wish to remove the complete system. Take the egr pipe and valves off and make blank plates and fit them in place with gun gum on the exhaust side and silikon on the inlet side. The old steel gaskets are usually colapsible gaskets and cannot be re used

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    Ek het toe maar die EGR valve afgeblok. Het 'n klein blank disk gemaak van 2mm staal en dit tussen die interconnecting pyp en die exhaust manifold ingeskuif en vasgebout. Het maar sommer nuwe collapsable steel gaskets ook ingesit.
    Moet se^ ek kan geen verskil agterkom nie, hy ry maar net soos vroee"r. Start soos altyd, raas soos altyd, trek soos altyd en die EGT's is ook maar dieselfde.

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